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SF Standard Frame
From Aluminum Frame & Resin Panel to Assemble Shipment

Total support from CAD design, arrangement to assembly shipment To construct the aluminum component system, SUS is conducting "Assembly Shipment" and "Free Unit Quotation Service" which we draw up cubic diagram and parts table to estimate the cost based on customer's sketch drawing. Please utilize these services to reduce total cost and to shorten the working hours.
Responds to resin and steel plate panel or assembly shipment SUS processes various panels for covers or doors in production line, and assembles when delivery.
Realized further price down
SUS realized the lower price than ever for SF series by reducing distribution costs and producing in our own factory. Thus, the price is more reasonable and you can decide to introduce equipment more easily.
New service started to enable local buying in overseas
In view of high reputation in Japan, SUS is spreading to overseas. It's making a good progress to expand into Asian countries which developed countries are impressively advancing in. We are organizing the system to enable purchasing component directly at your locations, establishing the bases across Asia.

Flexible Response and Quick Delivery
Degree of freedom to design is increased because frame is cut by 0.1mm unit from 50mm to 4000mm (some of them can be cut to 6000mm as special order). Also, parts standardization and self-manufacture enabled quick delivery.

Excellent Recyclability
Aluminum frames in SF series are combined by bolt and nut, so it's easy to disassemble and they can be reused. Also, in case you dispose, they can be recycled as resources. SUS takes back the aluminum products in SF catalog as part of the recycling activities. We will reduce the amount of money for the next purchase, according to the weight of the received aluminum products.

High-Stiffness and Beautiful Frame
SUS uses A6N01SS-T5 (JIS) which especially has high-stiffness among aluminum extrusions. At joint part, binding strength is highly ensured by using exclusive nuts. Aluminum surface is finished by alumite treatment (more than 9µm thickness) and it will maintain the glaze for a long time.



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