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Microscope Ring Lam & Vision Image : Meiji Techno Short UNIMAC System

Meiji Techno Short UNIMAC System

Meiji Techno's Short UNIMAC Series (Short-Back Focus) is a high performance direct -to-cam zoom lens system offer a wide array of features making them perfect for industrial, medical, educational and research applications. The Short UNIMAC series of macrozoom lenses couples directly to a CCD or CMOS video camera and allows a shorter profile facilitating use in situations where space is very restricted. These versatile modular lens systems are ideally suited for a variety of free standing or OEM applications.

  • Superb Optical Quality
  • 6.4 to 1 Zoom Ratio
  • Systems maintain excellent parfocality throughout zoom range
  • Variety of auxiliary lenses and polarizing filters
  • On screen video magnifications range from 20.8X to 172X or higher depending on camera
  • Accessories: stands, focusing, illumination
  • Compact Size ( 154mm height maximum )
  • Machine mountable - OEM Applications
  • Many configurations available

Short UNIMAC Series

Ordering Information

Short Unimac Focus Blocks
MS-51/05 Focusing Block (Fits 20mm mounting post) MS-52/05 Inclinable Course Focusing Block (with 5/8" mounting pin)
MS-53/05 Course and Fine Focus Block ( Fits 20mm mounting post )
MS-54/05 Inclinable Course and Fine Focusing Block ( with 5/8" mounting pin)
Short Unimac Stands
MS-51 Course Focus Block with pole type stand
MS-53 Course and Fine Focus Block with pole stand
Dimensional Information
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