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GF Green Frame
Ecology and Economy - Support "Environment","Beauty" and "Cleanness" in factory

Nonconventional Low Pricing Light weight, Recycle It's lighter than existing iron, plastic or composite pipe and has excellent recyclability because Green Frame adopts aluminum extrusion.

Saving Resource For aluminum reclamation, about 3/100 energy of manufacturing new bare metal is needed. We can reduce consumption of natural source "bauxite".

Easy to disassemble and reform It's easy to disassemble and also reusable because all of the connectors can be combined by bolt. In order to improve the recyclability, we adopted aluminum material for connector, too.

Good design with high durability Green Frame excels in design and maintains glazing for a long time, because aluminum surface is anodized (more than 9µm). Also, painting is not needed. Labor and power saving Because connector is combined by one bolt nut, assembly procedure is reduced, and contributes to save customer's power.  


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