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BF Box Frame
Right positioning by just inserting bolt! Flat frame enables easy assembly and eliminated gap to joint.

Easy and quick assembly by bolt without concern about gap, and it leads to reduce labor cost.  
There are 2 patterns of assembly. One is to connect frames through the block at every corner, and another one is to process on frames directly to install. The mechanism isn't existing friction joining by groove nut, but we realized mechanical fixation and binding by installing directly to the processed place. It's best suited for the purpose as component because it doesn't cause gap. Positioning is not needed for easy assembly, and assembly procedures are reduced to reduce cost.
Compared with existing frame, 15% lighter with same strength Lowering cost is enabled.
In comparison with SF series, BF is lighter and harder. Cost is reduced 15〜39% by lightening.
Flat 4 faces with no groove prevent dust from accumulating. It's more effective in the environment of clean room, etc. Especially, it's best suited for the purpose that needs clean environment like semiconductor or liquid crystal, etc. And the flat faces look beautiful.

Stainless square pipe is newly provided. The purpose expands to the medical and food industries with utilizing joint parts. It can be used variously in the medical or food industries, etc, by enabling the assembly as same as aluminum frame using exclusive bracket parts.

No fears of gap or distortion, without expert's technique, without welding which is the existing iron and stainless bonding method.

Solve the problem of labor shortage because expert's technique isn't needed. Thin type to respond further cost reduction. The thin type responds the needs of lighter weight and lower cost.
Focused on how to assemble, too. Exclusive combining parts to enable various assemblies. Simple parts can be installed without processing by Frame Grabbing Bracket.


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