It was a single from the monumental achievements of America's greatest educator, Dr. Charles W. Eliot, to bring collectively the genuinely fantastic books, to sift the pure gold in the mass of writing the ages have developed. For forty years president of Harvard University, Dr. Eliot realized the have to have of a library providing everybody the culture which a university strives to provide.

The Five-Foot Shelf (Harvard Classics) is definitely the magnificent result of his inspiration and expertise. These books will be the criterion of all literary choice. By means of, them people today have discovered that the classics aren't dull, but intensely stirring copy tag heuer watches : not attractive antiques, but lively, stimulating contemporary thought with crucial application to daily life.

In this wonderful library will be the writings of 302 immortal authors.

The busy man and lady of right now need to have not stumble by way of hopeless masses of reading matter, for in the Harvard Classics are the books that reside forever, the books that have as proud possessors greater than a quarter of a million intelligent ambitious families.

These books stand for stimulation of believed and. above all. endless enjoyment. They may be the books which have won for themselves the well-deserved tribute. "A liberal education in fifteen minutes per day. tag heuer fake "

P. F. Collier Son Organization has published good books due to the fact 1875. By the famous Collier strategy, it is possible to pay for these books even though you happen to be reading and enjoying them.

CHARLES W. ELIOT, forty years President of Harvard University, Editor of your famous Harvard Classics.

This Absolutely free booklet The certificate is for your convenience. Ahead of you spend a further penny for books, get a copy of "Fifteen Minutes a Day"-the famous booklet that tells ways to. turn wasted minutes into growth and increased power. It is prepared and waiting for you personally. Sending for it does not obligate you in any way.

P. F. Collier Son Dist. Corp.,
250 Park Avenue, New York City

By mail, no cost, send me the booklet that tells all about the most renowned library in the world, Dr. Eliot's Five-Foot Shelf of Books (The Harvard Classics), and includes Dr. Eliot's personal plan of reading. Also, please advise how I may well safe the books by smaller month-to-month payments cheap tag heuer replicas . best swiss watch replicas

Like a Conquering Army THESE BOOKS have marched triumphant through the centuries (May, 1930)

Like a Conquering Army THESE BOOKS have marched triumphant through the centuries


THE LIBRARIES in the old world and also the new are crammed with volumes, shelf on shelf, which a thousand males within a thousand lifetimes could never ever come across time for you to study. And millions extra volumes have passed forever into oblivion, not even to locate shelter in the archives of public libraries.

Yet these books have come thundering down via the centuries, influencing, teaching and delighting mankind with their indomitable power. They are as new and invigorating as when their immortal authors instilled in them the breath of eternal life.

Emerson once mentioned: "Would that some charitable soul, immediately after losing a terrific deal of time among the false books, and alighting upon the few accurate ones which created him content and smart, would name these which happen to be bridges or ships to carry him more than the dark morasses and barren oceans, into sacred cities, into palaces and temples."

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