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Cool Muscle

Cool Muscle CM2 Series


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COOL MUSCLE is the integrated AC servo system that combines all functions for motion control. The use of its own program language "CML" allows for easy creation and control of motion such as PTP motion, torque control. COOL MUSCLE provides the highest system solution.
COOL MUSCLE has the proprietary magnetic encoder and the original closed-loop vector control. It realized high precision positioning. The magnetic encoder is not affected by harsh environment and the age softening.
By receiving position input from the sensor the Cool Muscle know its position and can correct itself. COOL MUSCLE constantly monitors its position, eliminating any miss-steps.
Vector Drive Control is the highly-effective Control. Unlike micro-stepping Vector Drive Control is not subject to resonance problems and produces smooth movements.
CML(Cool Muscle Language) is a programming language designed for COOL MUSCLE. Using CML can help easy programming with COOLWORKS LITE or Hyper Terminal. The programmed motion can be executed by CML commands or simple switches.
CM2 can be directly operated by just entering the CML commands via RS-232C communication.
Programs can be downloaded to CM2 so that various motions can be executed by PC or simple switches
Up to 15 axes of COOL MUSCLE can be easily established by the Daisy Chain Connection. The daisy chained the Cool Muscles can tell other motors to activate program as well as receive commands from a computer or an embedded controller.
Easy Definable Parameter Over 40 Parameters can be easily set by PC, and it allows a wide range of solutions for your system.
Origin search parameter lets you select a origin search method. Origin can be determined using a hardware-stop/bumper instead of using an origin sensor. This method eliminates the need for origin sensor and wiring.
You can set software limits using the Cool Muscle parameters. Set limits on both CW/CCW sides to eliminate limit sensors.
An easy-to-use interface makes it easy to work with the Cool Muscle. You can simply use this for setting parameters, program mode, jog mode,confirmation of status and more. 


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