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Product Selection

ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP. offers over 5,000 products to meet your diverse requirements. We supply the highest quality and widest selection available, ranging from compact AC gearmotors and stepping motor systems for precision positioning control, to DC Brushless speed control systems, to linear and rotary actuators provide linear and rotational motion. A full line of cooling fans is also included in ORIENTAL MOTOR’s wide range of products. Over 100 years of progress in research and development has placed ORIENTAL MOTOR in the forefront of motor manufacturers worldwide. Today we are the primary source of small precision motor systems.

Many ORIENTAL MOTOR products are available for same day shipping in certain quantities. For more details on availability and delivery time for particular products, please contact your local ORIENTAL MOTOR representative.

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New Products

RBK Series MicroStep Motor and Driver Package

An IP65 rated 2-phase stepping motor and DC input microstepping driver in one package. Includes Oriental Motor's proprietary Smooth Drive Function, to easily achieve low-vibration operation.


BLU Series Brushless DC Speed Control Motor and Driver Package

The BLU Series consists of models with an output rating of 1/38, 1/19 or 1/8 HP, all combining an energy-saving, slim, compact brushless DC motor with panel-installation type driver. The BLU series is available with parallel or flat hollow-shaft gearheads.

BLH Series Brushless DC Speed Control Motor and Driver Package

The BLH Series features a compact, brushless DC motor a compact, board-level 24 VDC input driver. The series consists of four models offering a motor-output power range of 1/50 to 1/8 HP (15 to 100W). A wide range of options are available to meet you application needs.

IP65 Rated RK Series 5-Phase Microstepping Motor and Driver Package

The IP65 Rated RK Series offers the high resolution and smooth motion of a 5-phase microstepping system with the water and dust protection of our IP65 rated motors.

CRK Series 5-Phase Microstep Motor and Driver Package

The CRK Series combines a 5-phase stepping motor and a compact, low vibration microstepping driver offering the Smooth Drive function. The compact, high-torque type motor with the high performance geared type of motor opens a new realm of DC input 5-phase stepping motor and driver packages.

IP65 Rated AS and AS Plus Series Closed Loop Stepping Motors

The NEW IP65 Rated AlphaStep and AlphaStep PLUS closed loop stepping motors offer IP65 rated dust and water splash protection for ORIENTAL MOTOR's revolutionary hybrid stepping motor systems that prevent the loss of synchronism by constantly monitoring the rotor position and correcting for missteps before they occur.

BLF Series Brushless DC Speed Conrol Motor and Driver


The NEW BLF Series brushless DC speed control system offers compact size, high output, flat torque, excellent speed stability and energy-saving design in a powerful package.

DG Series Hollow Rotary Actuators


The DG Series hollow rotary actuators from ORIENTAL MOTOR combine the precision of the AlphaStep stepping motor and driver with a large-diameter, hollow output table and gearhead.

2005 - 2006 General Catalog The 2005– 2006

catalog contains nearly 3,000 new and updated products from ORIENTAL MOTOR. The new catalog provides comprehensive technical specifications and features for ORIENTAL MOTOR’s full line of AC Motors, Speed Control Systems, Stepping Motors, Linear Motion and Cooling Fans

.The new General Catalog is easier to use with a more intuitive index and category system. The addition of two new sections, Speed Control Systems and Linear Motion, allows readers to find the right product for their application more quickly and easily. The catalog also features detailed product information and technical tutorials for each product line.

Click here or call 662-321-0099 to receive the new 2005-2006 ORIENTAL MOTOR General Catalog free of charge.

Download the PDF version of the 2005 - 2006 General Catalog.


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