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GHC Linearmotor


Shaft motors are motors with a simple construction that drives using magnetic circuits consisting only of permanent magnets and coils, and whichfeature a diverse range of characteristics. These characteristics includeprecisionpositioning and high-, low-, and constant-speed driving, making the range of applications highly diverse. As a specialist motor manufacturer, Nippon Pulse Motor has integrated its unique control and communication technology through technical and production collaboration with shaft motor developer GMC HillstoneCo., Ltd.(, and has further combined linear encoders, encoder guides, and mechanical systems to meet customers' requirements and provide systems for use as the ideal actuators for their individual applications.

Shaft-motor and linear-motor construction

In addition to the obvious difference

between the cylindrical and flat configurations, the other difference are that the magnetic circuits of most motors - including linear motors - are made of magnetic iron, while shaft motors are not. For this reason, there are no adsorption force between the shaft and the slider (coil), thereby totally eliminating cogging.

What are shaft motors? Shaft motors are direct-drive linear servomotors that consist of a shaft with laminated magnets and cylindrically wound coils controlled by the flow of current.


Outstanding features of shaftmotors
X Capable of high thrust (6,000 N) X High resolution (0.14 nm) ideal for precision positioning
X Quiet due to the absence of friction (The only mechanical contact section is X High-speed drive (6.5 m/s)
the linear guide. Fully non-contact operation is possible using an air slider.) X Low-speed drive (8 μm/s)
X Coreless construction reduces overall weight X Virtually no speed fluctuations (0.006%at 100 m/s)
X Simplified unit construction allows a stroke of up to 3 m X Durable construction, capable of operating even underwater or in a vacuum
  X Compact and lightweight compared with other linear motors

Shaft-Motor Drive System

The single-shaft drive uses a control system matched to the combination of a shaft and a slider so as to enable control system to suit the specific requirements, even for complex movement.

This is the basic drive system. The X and Y shafts can be used to create an XY stage.

Multiple slider can be controlled by a single shaft,thereby supporting complex movement.

Effective for driving large or heavy objects

Allows the thrust to be increased through combination of the slider

Shaft-Motor Characteristics and Typical Applications

A wide range of applications utilizing the characteristics of shaft motors is listed below. These can be used in a diverse range of practical applications, such as precision positioning, operation under adverse environmental conditions, and for the conveying of heavy loads.


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