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CM2 Features




Using AC Servo motors rated speed is 6000min-1, the maximum speed is 8000min-1 (Depending on model)

CM2 is AC servo system equipped with a closed-loopvector control and contrel/drive power supply. The motor wiring is enclosed, minimizing the noise emitted from the motor. It can be directly connected to AC100-240V without conversion

The Muscle's proprietary control technology based on a modern control theory realizes the servo gain tuningless system under specified load condition. By eliminating the gain adjustments, CM2 dramatically shortens the time to adjust your system.

CM2 can keep pushing at the set current level for a set time period, replacing pneumatic cylinders and grippers. The output torque limit during the motion can be set. It is an ideal solution for applications such as a safety conveyer.

Circular and linear interpolation can be executed with only 3 commands. Iteliminates an external interpolation unit and also shortens the development time dramatically.

CM2 supports numerical and logical operation programs. With this, the applicable motion controls are expanding.

Teaching command realizes easy download of several motion patterns. Also these shorten the development and setting time.

CM2 has two independent RS-232C ports as a standard feature. It is easy to set up various functions such as parameters setting, creating programs and multi-axis motion. This also makes it easy to connect to external equipment.


CM2 accepts the sub-set commands of standard Modbus. CM2 can be connected directly to a programmable terminal display or PLC with Modbus protocol.


Up to 15 axes of CM2 can be easily established by the Daisy Chain Connection. Each one can execute motion according to the other axis I/O status with the communication among the axes. The number of available I/Os are expanded in proportion to the number of axes.

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